Journal of Clinical Medicine Collaborating with Academia Europaea for the Webinar: The Future of Translational Medicine

Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe) has launched an important project that brings together basic researchers, clinicians, academics, science publishers and communicators and experts in Translational Medicine (TM) to discuss how to turn scientific knowledge into innovative therapies, medical procedures and diagnostics that benefit patients and healthcare systems and become everyday best care practice.

The project has been supported by a two-day workshop and the subsequent publication of a position paper in the leading open access journal, the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

A distinguished panel of Professors Péter Hegyi, Stephen Holgate and Ole Petersen, all elected members of Academia Europaea (MAEs), will share new perspectives on how to translate scientific evidence into clinical practice, and will explain the Translational Medicine cycle.

This webinar is suitable for researchers, clinicians, healthcare providers and policy decision-makers interested in enabling more efficient and cost-effective healthcare.

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