The Membrane Society of Australasia (MSA) is Now an Affiliated Society Member of Membranes

In May 2020, the Membrane Society of Australasia (MSA) became affiliated to Membranes. As part of this collaboration, all members of MSA enjoy a discount on the article processing charges (APC) when submitting articles to Membranes.

The Membrane Society of Australasia (MSA) Society was founded in 2009 with the goal of bringing together key academics, industrial professionals, and emerging membranologists to further membrane science and technology within Australasia. The MSA is also a founding member of the World Association of Membrane Societies (WA-MS, and Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS,

MSA is a professional organization whose functions are highly relevant to the scope of Membranes. We look forward to collaborating with MSA and publishing state-of-the-art research from its members in this field.